What’s the need for random text chat?

First of all, what’s the need for this random text chat while you are on video call already. Let’s discuss this,

Have you ever imagined yourself in a situation where you don’t want to speak but type out your emotions in a video call.

And that is when you start wandering around and think of a typing or text chat feature to help you out.

We faced this situation ourselves and thus brainstormed internally for a solution.

There is nothing better to improve your user experience throughout your journey.

In which scenarios can we use this feature?

So, there are various scenarios where one can utilize this handy feature to improve their overall video experience:

  • When one can’t convey their feelings through spoken words
  • Or when someone can’t speak at all
  • Or when someone wants to share any useful link
  • When someone just likes texting over speaking

How can you utilize this feature?

You don’t have to add or implement anything to activate this feature in your video call.

It’s placed deliberately as an overlay on your video call screen to provide you with the perfect visuals and experience without any obstacles.

And it is faster than flash to use it and share your words with the other stranger.

And like others, we are not restricting you to some limited number of chats to type during your calls,

Yes, you read it correctly, it’s proper unlimited chats for you and your stranger friend.

And to conclude,

You never know when the situation arises and you have to type instead of speaking your words by mouth.

It’s better to use something which has everything orbiting around the safest and the most secure and the most brainstormed video calling solution ever.

Go give it a TRY and Chat By Chance!