Sometimes it seems too hard to believe that you can start using a random video chat app without login in or providing any credentials. 

Because this is what we are taught!

There are tons of video chat apps that force you to log in or sign up with them first to use any of their basic functionalities. Which entangles us and keeps us thinking about whether to continue using that app or not. 

Most of them have long forms to fill in for their users to get logged in. 

But ultimately we leave that app and look for another app listed in the search results.

Then comes ChatByChance, which offers random video chat app without login

At ChatbyChance, we believe our users should get first-hand experience of the product first and then the paperwork.

We have analyzed many random video chat apps by using them personally and faced those mandatory logins or signup prompts ourselves. And that hurts, all the time!

That is why we came up with the solution which offers users the experience and opportunity in a single package.

You don’t need to reveal your identity to start chatting with random friends on our platform. 

Just give your gender and let the magic happen.

You will be completely anonymous until you decide to set your profile bio and want to show it to other users. 

That does not mean we don’t have a login or sign-up feature, we just don’t want our users to focus on something which is not that interesting for them.

The sole purpose of visiting any cafe is to sip that hot coffee and enjoy your time. But what if they ask you to fill out their customer form first and force you to become their registered customer? You got the point, right?

You have the choice: 

Whether to choose to start chatting on ChatByChance.


to choose which account to log in with and then start chatting (after hours).