The question of the hour – Why is ChatByChance the safest random video chat alternative in the market?

But before answering, we should be aware of the problem which exists in the current bunch of websites.

Why are existing options not safe enough?

We all come across various random video chat websites or apps in our daily lives that provide this feature.

And we happily start talking with them without knowing much about the security and safety features of that particular app.

And suddenly from nowhere some unexpected body parts appear in our video chat which we wanted to avoid in the first place. That is not safe, right?

Then most of the sites also want their users to log in first before using any other feature.

But this is not how we all wanted to experience random video chatting on the internet, right?

Most platforms don’t have strong control over the report or ban feature. This leaves the safety and security of genuine users at high risk.

Why is ChatByChance the safest random video chat alternative and what it brings uniquely to the table?

That is why, at ChatByChance, the safety of users is the top-ranked feature apart from those basic features which will ultimately improve their experience.

You don’t have to always login on ChatByChance to use the main feature, but only if you want to showcase your BIO to other users then you have to log in.

Then comes one of the game-changing features in the random video chat apps industry i.e. face detection of users engaged in the call.

We encourage our users to always show their faces in the calls otherwise they will be thrown out of the call and soon be banned for some time if the other user reports them for doing any kind of abusive or unwanted activities.

Time for the conclusion:

Do not compromise your safety for a moment of fun!

Get your hands-on experience of the safest alternative of random video chat.

Do check it out yourself and explore what’s in the store for you – ChatByChance